Demo Reel



1. Stylewalk: The goal was to make a walk that tested my abilities with trying to exaggerate a motion and feeling with something that does not actually exist. It was fun filming a reference video for this because I had to acquire and carry multiple obscure objects in my dorm: 1 gallon of apple cider and a bag of 20lbs of apples shoved into a large bag of laundry, two full backpacks with at least 3 full-sized electronics, and a full string backpack. I wanted to add a touch of me into this scene, and I love fruits so I modeled a large Strawberry for the model to carry.

2. Hopscotch: I love the playful aspects of hopscotching so I studied several online social experiments where grown people hopscotched. I had a lot of fun animating this and it was also fun practicing my rusty hopscotch techniques while trying to film reference videos.

3. Ball and Tail: I wanted to extend the hop of the ball to allow the fox to gain momentum and make a dramatic, and potentially unexpecting, ending for the fox.

4. Pendalum: A simple pendalum animation that I enjoyed making to learn about the dynamics of force of an object on another object.

5. Game Animation Sit and Attack: I wanted to make the character, Azri, who is a grown adult radiate the feeling of a child when trying to sit down. Then, I wanted it to quickly transform into an attack sequence, changing the feel of the animation.

6. Kitchen: Personal Project. Part of a Cooking Witch character's story that I am in the process of writing and fixing. This is a scene that is part of the character's introductory video. Her trusty Cauldron is also added in the scene.

7. Fridge: Personal Project. Part of the Cooking Witch character's story. A sneak preview of the different aspects of the characters: potential hats she owns, her cooking awards, etc.

8. Whisk Broom: Personal Project. Part of the Cooking Witch character's story. A tool I designed for the Cooking Witch that is part whisk, part roller, part broom, and part magical staff.