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President William McKinley High School 2017
Tools: Adobe Photoshop, Trace Paper, Black Pen
Final Digital Media II project. This is a drawing of my high school, McKinley, and it's a scene of the front entrance of the school.
Super Monster League Twins (2017) // Adobe Illustrator Present - Janet (2014 // Adobe Photoshop // Gift for my friend that included several things that she likes: tumblr, cryaotic (youtuber), candy, pandas, etc.
Random (2016) // Adobe Illustrator Sir Mochi (2017) // Adobe Illustrator
Studio Ghibli Hanging Terrarium (2017) // Adobe Illustrator One Piece Thousand Sunny (2017) // Adobe Illustrator // I love the architecture of this ship so much One Piece Roronoa Zoro (2017) // Adobe Illustrator // Simple fanart dedicated to my favorite character