FIRST Recycle Rush (2015)
Team Kika Mana #368's Robot
Objective: Picking up and stacking totes on scoring platforms and putting pool noodles ("litter") inside of the recycling containers and putting the containers at the top of the scoring stacks of totes.
Robot: The robot was designed to be able to intake both recycling bins (laying down) and totes to the maximum height (6 totes + 1 recycling bin). The robot was designed to have an elevator to allow for whatever is intaked to go up one level to allow for the next item to be intaked. An additional aspect that was added to the elevator system are two wheels on each side of the elevator that are used to help hold the recycling bin in place and prevent it from falling off the high stack of totes. This robot also had can grabbers (x2) that were installed to allow for the robot to grab the recycling bins that are placed in the center of the field.
Can Grabbers