Year: Fall 2017
Location: Sankofa Community Gardens in Homewood, PA
Project: Design Proposal
Studio: Architecture Design Studio: Grow Collective
Professors: Brian Peters, Joshua Bard
Render - Front Entrance

Render - Back Gardens

About the site

Each student developed a building proposal for a new center for Urban Agriculture in Pittsburgh. The site was specically Sankofa Community Garden located in Homewood. The center will serve as a hub supporting urban gardening and farming activity in Pittsburgh. The center will also become an outreach center allowing for education and community engagement from the citizens of Homewood. Sankofa Community Garden is located at 7539 Susquehanna Street in the Homewood community. The term Sankofa is defined as a lifestyle and trying to bring forth the best that we, the people, can o er to the community. The site originally had one, two-story building on the site.

Main Idea

The driving idea for this project focused on circulation around the site and also on the different levels and areas of education in the program.



The original building on site was made of bricks. This design preserves a sense of the history of the old building by using the existing material, brick, as well as a new material, glass. There is a gradual change in the material from bottom to top (bottom is brick, top is glass). This is emphasized through the large windows in the rooms on the first floor.