Year: Spring 2018
Project: Design Proposal
Studio: Architecture Design Studio: Elaboration II
Professors: Jeff King, Jeremy Ficca

The project site was in East Liberty across from Target. It was currently being demolished, so the site was rubble. The goal of this project was to create an urban office that incorporated the ideas of porosity in the sense of occupancy. This meant that the building needed both private spaces for the employees and public spaces for visitors.


Starting with a simple rectangular prism, the project aims to create a sense of welcoming and mystery by creating a crack-like entrance that goes from the bottom to the top of the entire building. It is emphasized using a glass sheet facade that is draped over the building. Then, from a distance, a floating glass box can be seen that draws in the public.


The floating glass box allows for a sense of community between the public and private spaces. The people working in their offices in the floating box can look below to see what is happening in the public space and vice versa with the visitors. This is the main central space that is held up using two circulation hallways in the back of the building to emphasize the idea of the floating box.

The Model

The series of models focused on trying to incorporate the ideas of porosity into a simple rectangular prism shape.